Shakes and Fidget

Shakes and Fidget is an amazing, satirical MMORPG browser online game. Jump on the cow, fasten your armor and embark on a journey through the magical and satirical world of SFgame.

More than 50 million players worldwide are playing this MMO game! Create your own hero, create stats, focus on the top position in the Hall of Fame, and become a living legend in the world of Shakes and Fidget.

In Shakes and Fidget, you complete a lot of tasks for which you receive rewards. You can immerse yourself in endless tasks, with better tasks being unlocked as your character progresses. Before you start completing your tasks, you need to have the right potions and equipment! When you get to later levels, you can buy various things to speed up other tasks.

The free online game Shakes and Fidget is playable across the entire screen of your PC

Customize your own comic book hero and recharge the top position of the Hall of Fame! It's a difficult task when there are real players between you and winning the PVP arena. Accept tasks, collect gold, raise levels, gain honor and become a living legend!

Shakes and Fidget full screen

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This game is actually great. You just have to try it and enjoy it with everything .. Shakes and Fidget is real fun

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